A Great Logo Design leads to the Successful Business

Logo Design is the initial stage of any type business which will create the brand awareness to their Customers. This is also the toughest and very challenging stages in design process. Logo will act as an Identity of your business and will be used throughout your all business channels. Our logo designing will make your brand unique from others and promote your business development.

Types of Logo Designs,

  1. Abstract Logo Design
  2. Mascot Logo Design
  3. Emblem Logo Design
  4. Lettermark Logo Design
  5. Wordmark Logo Design
  6. Combination mark Logo Design
  7. Pictorial Logo Design

Arctur Creatives, One of the Best Logo Design Company in Chennai follows the unique strategy in Logo designing, which we strive to give our best design to Clients.

  1. Clear Perspective of your Business
  2. Extract Complete Design requirement form Client
  3. Market Research
  4. Brainstorming and UX Research.
  5. Sketching and Revisions
  6. Presentation and delivery

Clear Perspective of your Business

Every business has its own individuality which will get succeed by the way we are exposing the Brand.

We Should be in the best understanding of Clients Target Audience, Their Competitors and Geographical market values and will consider all these factors while Logo designing.

Extract Complete Design requirement form Client

Arctur Creatives mainly focus on Creating Logo’s with 100% client satisfaction in addition to their customer. So, We would always love to hear our Clients Ideas about logo design, some reference, Specific fonts, colors, etc, Our Logo Design will achieve excellent responses in fulfilling customer needs and also Brand awareness.

Market Research

Once gathering client requirements, We conducting research mainly focused on their Industry, its history, selling point and their competitors. Based on the research we came to the conclusion of find out how to make the logo design and how it suits well for our clients.

UX Research

After approaching logo design on what we have collected information, We will do some user Experience (UX) Research for the logo by testing them with different audiences. This will generate lot of ideas of how the color of logo will be, their fonts and how the logo should look like. This process is to be handled by our creative team.

Sketching and Revisions

We will share logo design in every phase to our client through emails. Any suggestions will be considered and get sorted out on the initial stages. But, we wouldn’t limit ourselves. We would love to come up with different design perceptions and iterations if our client needs.

Presentation and Delivery

After finishing logo design, we will deliver the product in different formats and sizes. So that you can use the logo in all mediums like, Business cards, Websites, Letter heads, Signs, etc..